Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions? Let us find answers together!


If I haven’t had any trauma can I still benefit from the services TRW provide?

Yesssss!!!! Book Your free 30 minute session to learn if TRW is for you!

Can I do your workshops if I live out of the area?

Yes, within each workshop you have access to a private FB group where you can access the videos live. Upon payment you will also receive an email with all of the downloads needed for class.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately not at this time.

I am not a Christian but this sounds interesting can I still get involved?

Yes, if your open to learning TRUTH and are okay with everything being rooted in the Bible than you are more than welcome here!

I don’t think I need coaching but I would love to know how you launched your own business?

Book your consultation session today to ask me all the questions you need. I will share my tips, tools, dos, and don’t’s!

I have a loved one who could benefit from the services,but I know they can’t afford it How can I help?

Contact Clare to buy them a certificate!