Release. Rebuild. Renew.



Life has a way of causing so much pain. Many of us have experienced horrible things that God never intended.

If not dealt with, the pain of our past can keep our souls in captivity keeping us depressed, anxious, and stuck in the darkness.

God’s word says that “ The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work”

1 John 3:8

Can I tell you how real this is? As a survivor of sexual trauma, I have seen the effects first hand that soul wounds have had on my life.

I was once stuck, imprisoned by the lies and held back. I buried the pain so deep and was silently suffering for far too long.

In my darkest days Jesus Christ showed up and set me free!! He wants to do the same for you too!

TRW is a safe place where you can release the pain of your past while Jesus releases your soul out of darkness.

You don’t have to be a trauma survivor to be holding onto the pain of your past.

TRW provides you with a safe space to RELEASE it!

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Jesus tells us that when we have our foundation in anything else than Christ we are not going to be able to stand when the storms of life hit. Matthew 7:24-27

As soon as that relationship fails, or you lose that job you will be completely lost, empty and confused.

My identity used to be wrapped in success and my career. After my breakdown God called me to leave my Job as a School Counselor to stay home ,raise my babies and heal.

That season was one of the hardest seasons of life.

Why? Because I was lost, empty and void of truth. I didn’t have a clue who I was or what an identity in Christ meant. But guess what??? He showed me, taught me, rebuilt me and wants to do the same for you.

This is why I offer individualized packages and workshops that address this topic.

I passionately help women rebuild their identities In Christ!!

1 Peter 2:4-5



We live in a world that says EVERYTHING is acceptable. Most people believe that truth is relative.

At TRW we believe that God’s word is absolute truth (John 17:17)

The enemy of our souls has lied to us and wants to keep us deceived.He has hated God’s daughters from the beginning.

lies are so powerful that when we believe them they can feel just like truth.

The bible teaches us that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17

It tells us that JESUS is truth and there is no other way to God but through him. (John 14:6)

At TRW we help women renew their minds in TRUTH, so they can experience freedom and become the women they were created to be.

God’ s thoughts and ways are higher Isaiah 55:8-9

We were never supposed to live without his guidance, protection and provision.

We are passionate about building women up in truth and helping them get closer to Christ.

At TRW everything we do is saturated in prayer and backed by scripture.

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