Invite Clare to your next speaking event!


Breakdown to Breakthrough

In this talk Clare shares her story of how she overcame a mental breakdown through Christ. When the Doctor diagnosed her with a psychotic break and recommended the psych unit she turned to God and he put her every broken piece back together.

Simplify & Nourish

These are the words that played in Clare’s head when God called her to leave her career as a School Counselor and stay home with her family. In this talk she discusses the importance of obedience and the role of godly motherhood.


Made for More

In this talk Clare is passionate about urging you to find the more you were created for by uncovering the core lies that are holding you back from being the woman God created you to be.


Unpacking Unforgiveness

Clare tackles the tough topic of forgiveness. She tells the story of the freedom she encountered the moment she was able to forgive her abuser. If you can’t move forward in forgiveness this talk is a must!